Active Signposting

Active Signposting

The Islington CCG (through NHS England) has promoted a new pilot for our patients that some of you may be interested in and is called ‘active signposting’.

It looks at how to direct patients to community services that are available for them to go to directly without having to come to the practice or see a GP.

This option is usually much quicker and easier for patients and feedback has been quite positive.  You may have already been ‘signposted’ and not realised.  Part of the project is the ‘minor ailments scheme’ run by the local pharmacies whereby you can obtain medication from them directly for a host of minor ailments. 

Nowadays many community services are directly available to patients and the project allows a patient to refer themselves directly for example to physiotherapy or podiatry or carer support. 

Not only is your problem resolved quickly and easily but it also frees up GP appointments by training up our reception and admin staff in how to ‘signpost’ our patients appropriately. 

If you think you might benefit from this ask our reception team for more information and take a look at some of the information below - our leaflet and poster

Minor Ailments and Self Referrals Patient Leaflet

Minor Ailments Scheme and Self Care poster

Dr N Bowry GP Partner